Summary of Inheritance: Sex-Linked Traits and Meiosis

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Summary of Inheritance Sex Linked Traits Meiosis Related to Genetics Objective The objective of this study is to summarize inheritance sex linked traits meiosis related to genetics. Introduction Meiosis is reported to produce "four genetically varied gametes (eggs or sperm cells) out of a diploid cell." (Hartwell, 2006, p.1) The diploid cell contains a full set of chromosome pairs with each pair being inclusive of one chromosome from each parent. While the chromosome pairs are not identical in nature, they are homologous or equivalent chromosomes since they contain different gene alleles. I. The Process The chromosomes are replicated and each is reported to comprise "two identical chromatids" which are stated to be joined by a centromere, which is a stretch of DNA. The first round of division or Meiosis is the division that divides homologous chromosomes. The second round of division, or Meiosis II divides sister chromatids resulting in four haploid cells each of which contain a different gene mix. (Hartwell, 2006, paraphrased) This is illustrated in Figure 2. Figure 2 Source: Hartwell (2006) II. Meiosis Stage I During the first stage of meiosis, the chromosomes are replicated and during the stage, it is reported that the genes "may be shuffled from one chromatid to another". (Hartwell, 2006, p.1) During this stage the chromosomes pair up for a brief time and chromosomal crossover occurs in which a gene on one chromosome may be swapped for a gene on the

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