Summary of Letters from Birmingham Jail Essay

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Helal Ahmed Professor Smith English 125 October 6, 2010 Summary of M.L.K.’s Letters from Bringham Jail Martin Luther King Jr's “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written during his 8 day sentence in jail in 1963. He chose to travel and protest in Birmingham due to the fact that it was widely known as one of the most segregated city in the U.S. The letter not only addresses the issues of unjustly being arrested for being an "extremist" of his approach to the protest, and of the incompetence of the church but its also an appeal for things to be seen from his point of view. One line that caught my eye was when King said that he would have, "aided and comforted my Jewish brothers. If today I lived in a Communist…show more content…
Time and time again, King had been told to just wait it out, that it wasn't the right time and when he finally did go through with his plans, his non-violent protest was confined and charged with parading without a permit. Martin Luther King talks about how he should be able to protest and talk about his cause as much as he likes because the only other way to reach out to people is through acts of violence. And violent measures would not be too much to ask considering how much Negroes had been harassed, treating differently by law enforcement and in reference to the article, even amusement parks and churches. Its surprising that even while imprisoned, while knowing that his efforts have been futile, Martin Luther King still wrote diplomatically. He wrote objectively and makes sure that even if he does have any ill or resentment towards the authority of Birmingham, its not shown. On his part, its a smart move made because it enforces his belief of non violence and shows the clergyman whom had asked him and his organization to pull back from the workshops what his real intentions are. In my opinion his writing style was the perfect manipulation; whoever reads this will feel exactly how he felt. The Negroes who were beaten, degraded, separated, picked on will feel his pain and those who want there to be equality all around will want to make sure it happens. In Martin Luther King's eyes, illegal and legal are portrayed in how a person sees the act.
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