Summary of Marketing Plan for Online Mba Programs

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Summary of Marketing Plan for Online MBA Programs

Executive Summary
An increasing number of business professionals choose to earn their MBAs through the internet. Pursuing an MBA is a great accomplishment. Many undergraduate students graduate and move on to pursue their Masters Degree in their desired field. This marketing plan illustrates the market segments and the strategies of employing to get customers and create a solid revenue stream. Our unique focus is creating opportunities for the fulltime working student that is not able to go to a campus for classes. A twist that gives us an advantage over our competitors is by giving students more options of what is available in picking from a larger selection of majors. From
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Description of Product or Service
Several schools offer open-enrollment distance learning certificate programs targeted to working professionals that don't have time for lengthy residencies. The coursework can be challenging. However, a certificate from a school can make your resume stand out from the crowd.
Graduate certificates are growing in popularity. For college grads that want to gain skills or a resume boost, a certificate can be an easy way to meet goals without enrolling in a full graduate program. Consider the certificates now offered at several universities. Students that already have Master's degrees can earn graduate certificates by taking less than ten additional online courses. Certificate programs include specializations in Business and Technology Management, Education, and Psychology (Arabe, 2003).
Most online students use course management systems such as Blackboard to master the material. Some learn by streaming audio or video lectures. But, universities are offering courses that are taking online studies to the next level. According to a recent article by the New York Times, an increasing number of online courses are holding sessions in Second Life, a virtual world that mimics real life.
Students and teachers have avatars that look like real people. They can hold discussions, interact, and display multimedia
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