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Curriculum: Foundations, Principles, and Issues
By Allan C. Ornstein and Francis P. Hunkins
Curriculum and Instruction 411 – Curriculum
Dr. Adel T. AL-Bataineh
Date: May 22, 2002
Larry Pahl cell: 630-400-5132 home: 630-483-9970
Chapter 1 Overview. View of Curriculum
PART I Foundations of Curriculum
Chapter 2. Philosophical Foundations of Curriculum
Chapter 3. Historical Foundations of Curriculum
Chapter 4. Psychological Foundations of Curriculum
Chapter 5. Social Foundations of Curriculum
Chapter 6. Curriculum Theory

Part II. Principles of Curriculum
Chapter 7. Curriculum Development
Chapter 8. Curriculum Design
Chapter 9. Aims, Goals, and Objectives
Chapter 10.
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This absence is a sign of the incestuous nature of theoretical curriculum proliferation and the danger of detachment from the end it is supposed to serve. It is like a group of surgeons walking through their ward talking shop-- bones, cartilage, blood vessels, cutting tools—and they seem not to notice the hearts, minds and faces of their patients.
And if we draw upon curriculum’s etymological affinity to the curule chair, we could rationally posit that the curriculum’s designer, since his or her design is, by its very nature, going to be affecting the lives of other people, should only be given the privilege of design if he or she has a breadth of experience and knowledge, and a successful track record in "proving" the design. There is a glut of untested, unproved theory and design because the mind can always race faster than the body. It’s time to resynch the mind-body connection by requiring of theory that it move no faster than what the body—the administrators and ultimately the students—can put into practice.
In the end, a head separated from a body is a beheaded corpse.
Here are the questions we were asked to answer in this summary of chapter one. I am answering them formally and specifically here at the end of my summary above.
What is curriculum? The text lists five definitions. It can be defined as a plan for action or a written document that includes strategies for achieving goals. This is specific and prescriptive. Secondly it can be

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