Summary of Percy Jackson and The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

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Annabeth Chase: A 14-year-old demigod, who is the daughter of Athena.
Grover Underwood: A satyr, a satyr is a man with goat ears, tail, legs, and horns.
Thalia Grace: A 15-year-old demigod, who is the daughter of Zeus.
Bianca di Angelo: A 12-year-old demigod, who is the daughter of Hades, and Nico, is her brother.
Nico di Angelo: A 10-year-old demigod, who is the son of hades, and Bianca, is his sister.
Zoe Nightshade: An immortal, who is the daughter of Atlas.
Westover Hall military school: Where the two demigods Nico and Bianca were found.
Camp Half-blood: Where Percy and his friends took di Angelo siblings and the hunters too. Also where the prophecy was told by Oracle and the first part of the prophecy was complete here.
Junkyard of Gods: the second part of the prophecy is complete; Bianca di Angelo dies in the land of without rain.
Hoover Dam: Percy and his friends follow Ophiotaurus because it is third part of the prophecy. Ophiotaurus has the power to destroy Olympus.
Home of Titan’s: Fourth, fifth, and sixth part of the prophecy are fulfilled: The fourth prophecy is complete campers and hunters combined prevail. Fifth part of prophecy is complete because Percy, Annabeth, and Luke withstand Titan’s curse of holding up the sky which is the titan’s general job, Atlas. Sixth…
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