Summary of President Woodrow Wilson’s War Message

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Summary of President Woodrow Wilson’s “War Message” President Woodrow Wilson’s “War Message” addresses the momentous event of breaking neutrality and declaring war on the German government. Wilson explains that America can no longer remain stagnant. He calls his audience to action, through a tactical combination of both structured logic and emotional inclusion. Wilson begins his deduction with several points, starting with the details of the submarine warfare and the “wholesale destruction of men, women, and children” endured not only by the American people but various other countries (2). Wilson asserts that neutrality is no longer possible since peace and the freedom of the individuals of the world were under a direct threat (5). He reassures the audience that although his intentions were the same and he fully intended on keeping the American people safe, avoiding the war and remaining uninvolved was no longer a reality (4). Wilson’s speech delivers his speech with a tone of authority and appears at the surface to utilize logos as his primary appeal. There are few instances of figurative or poetic language and his style is not fancy or full of embellishments during the speech, yet seemingly flat and direct. This potentially links to the clarity he was trying to obtain. He was attempting to provide understanding to a wide audience, in which eloquent imagery or style would inhibit. Wilson met people where they were at intellectually and rather than trying to appear
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