Summary of Synergetic Solutions Simulation

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Summary of Synergetic Solutions Simulation

University of Phoenix Com/530 Learning how to run a business is never an exact science. Many variables affect decisions and outcomes both in the short and long term. In the simulation about Synergetic Solutions, an opportunity was presented where one must make a number of significant choices in a short period that would change the face of the company moving forward. Flexibility, foresight, and understanding were each critical elements necessary to succeed in the task. The task was given by Harold Redd, CEO, and was as follows:
Focus on the networking solutions business and raise its revenues to 80% of total sales, which are targeted at $12 million at the end of the next nine
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The final force for change was the need for flexibility in organizational structure. The employees of Synergetic needed to understand what the transition plan was exactly, and they needed to know that they were of great value to the company during the transition. Thus, I felt focus on the employee, a streamlined operation and production standards was a necessary first step. While moving into the second quarter, I had exceeded expectations in productivity yet fell slightly short in reaching the goal set for absenteeism. I had impressed Harold and made trustworthy gains with the employees. In order to improve upon my success, I knew I needed to keep in mind how, as the leader, I would employ and communicate models for change. Throughout the transition clear and thorough communication could help me in achieving Lewin’s Three-Step model for change. In the second quarter I found myself in the midst of Lewin’s model at the movement stage. Lewin’s model is composed of unfreezing the status quo that was Synergetic’s computer assembly, movement to the new vision which is Synergetic as networking design ‘hothouse,’ and finally refreezing the change to networking with the ability to sustain the change. The communication needed to succeed with Lewin’s model requires great foresight and planning. I focused communication so that the employees understood the expectations for transition, they saw how progress was made
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