Summary of Text Book: Essentials of Management Information Systems

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Virtual Expert
Jack Brown (Business Analyst)

JSB Inc.
Car Accessory Dealership
James S. Black (Company founder)
An entrepreneur with a love for cars.
Abigail Foley (Senior vice president of Business Development)
Reported an increase in customers cancelling their accounts.
Mark Thompson (Business Development Manager)
Prepared proposal for implementing an information system.

Major Business Functions (In JSB)
Assembling the product, checking for quality, producing bills of materials
Sales and Marketing
Identifying customers, making customers aware of product, and selling the product
Human Resources
Hiring employees, evaluating job performance, enrolling employees in benefits.
Finance and
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This may require a system development team (pg. 384)
1. Problem Identification
System analysis refers to the first three steps in the problem solving method. (pg. 382)
Dimensions of Business Problems
(E.g. Poor business processes, unsupportive culture, political in-fighting, changed in the organization’s surrounding environment, complexity of tasks, inadequate resources.)
(E.g. Insufficient or aging hardware, outdated software, inadequate database capacity, insufficient telecommunications capacity, the incompatibility of old systems with new technology, and rapid technological change.)
(Example: Power grids were unable to monitor and control power consumption until Smart Grids came along. Pg. 35)
(E.g. Tato used Digital Manufacturing (DM) (Specifically DELMIA) to produce new car (Tato) more quickly and at lower cost. The system is also flexible allowing other cars to be designed, evaluated and produced. pg. 39)
(E.g. Lack of employee training, difficulties of evaluating performance, legal and regulatory compliance, work environment/ergonomics, poor or indecisive management, interrelationships between people and groups, and lack of employee support and participation.
Manually inputting data into spreadsheets, manually tracking sales (experiencing loss and theft), manually tracking inventory (or not tracking it).
2. Solution Design
3. Solution Evaluation

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