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The Archer’s Tale Alvin E. Nix III The novel begins in the English village of Hookton, where a boy named Thomas is growing up under the parenthood of his father, who is also the village priest. Thomas has great skill with a bow, but he trains secretly because his father does not allow him to use it. On the morning of Easter in 1342, a French party of raiders arrive under the command of Sir Guillaume d'Evecque, a French Knight. In his party of raiders is a warrior dressed all in black, known simply as the Harlequin, who has hired Sir Guillaume to carry out the raid to steal Hookton's treasure, the Lance of St. George. During the raid The Harlequin kills Thomas' father, and the lance is stolen from the village. With his bow…show more content…
As the days go by, the men conduct a many raids on nearby French villages. A small French force from Lannion who are commanded by Sir Geoffrey de Pont Blanc, attempts to stop the onslaught of Skeat's army, but Skeat refuses to engage him in battle. Jekyll, however, is eager for a fight, so he and his men battle Sir Geoffrey's soldiers. Jekyll loses the battle despite his soldier’s powerful defense, and Geoffrey attempts to charge Skeat's archers. His troops are shot down by the English longbows, and he is captured by Thomas. But to Jekyll's fury, Thomas lets him go free. That night, Thomas is ambushed by Jekyll's men and is severly beaten. He is saved by Father Hobbe, a friend who constantly reminds him of his vow of revenge. Thomas then becomes friends with Jeanette and the two plot to take revenge on Jekyll. Skeat and his men then move to attack Lannion, that has been weakened by the loss of Geoffrey's force. During the attack on Lannion, Geoffrey is killed by Thomas. A French relief force attempts to destroy the English, but they are destroyed by Skeat's archers. \ Thomas and Jeanette can no longer stay at La Roche-Derrien, because Jekyll wishes to kill them both, so they decide to take refuge with the Duke of Brittany. He takes them in because he is related to Jeanettes husband. The Duke, however, is not very hospitable. He rapes Jeanette and kidnaps her son, but Jeanette escapes with Thomas. She is traumatized by the event, but Thomas

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