Summary of The Auditor

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Summary of The Auditor The Auditor by James K. Loebbecke tells a story about the life and career of an auditor named Jack Butler. The book shows Jack’s career from his education all the way to his promotion to partner. Loebbecke designed this story about Jack as a teaching tool to give students an understanding about the life of an auditor. The story begins with Jack’s promotion to partner and how it was bittersweet for him. Jack is excited for the promotion, but is also nervous about the extra responsibility partners have and the stress it can bring on family life. He is also upset because his friend Don was considered for the promotion too, but was turned down. In these chapters, Loebbecke shows the good and the bad that…show more content…
When Jack asks Walt about it, Walt tells Jack about “dead-fill allowance factor.” Jack was unsure about the explanation, so he talks with management. Jack finds out that Walt was changing the measurements. The author uses these scenarios to demonstrate some of the difficult aspects of the auditing professional. Auditors must be steadfast in their duty to the client. They cannot be afraid to be skeptical of the practices of their client or be afraid to deliver bad news if necessary. The author puts Jack into some situations to show examples of how auditors may encounter difficult situations with clients and personnel that will require much consideration. The first example of a difficult situation for Jack is when he works underneath Stan Wright on the Ardmore audit. Stan had a reputation for demanding a lot from his subordinates and being unreasonable regarding working conditions. Stan was working Jack and several other auditors very hard to the brink of exhaustion. Barney, Jack’s coworker, was having a nervous breakdown from exhaustion and from his wife threatening to leave him because of work. Jack understands the situation and tells Barney only to work forty hours per week despite Stan’s orders. In the end, the partner in charge sides with Jack decision, he then gives Jack a favorable review, and fires Stan for his abusive managing style. Another example of a difficult situation for Jack is when he seniors a
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