Summary of The Great Gatsby and The How the Life of F Scott Fitzgerald Influenced the Work

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Nick Carraway, a young man from a comfortable background, moves from Minnesota to New York in order to pursue business. He rents a house in the West Egg district of Long Island, an area filled with the newly rich but considered unfashionable. Upon arriving, Nick visits his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom whom he attended Yale with. The Buchanans live in the East Egg district, just across the harbor from West Egg and inhabited with those who come from wealthy families. While at his cousin’s house, he meets a cynical woman named Jordan Baker and learns about his legendary neighbor, Mr. Gatsby. In addition, Nick learns that Tom is currently engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman named Myrtle Wilson. A couple days later,…show more content…
In his nervousness, Gatsby begins acting arrogant and rude but as the afternoon progresses Nick aids Gatsby. By the time for departure, Daisy and Gatsby are very fond of each other and choose to continue the rendezvous at Gatsby’s house. After a short period of time, Tom grows suspicious of the relationship between his wife and the man from West Egg. When Gatsby is invited to dine with Daisy and Tom, Gatsby passionately watches Daisy throughout the meal. Tom quickly notices and becomes furious, insisting that the party visit New York City. He takes them into the Plaza Hotel and begins fighting with Daisy and Gatsby, exclaiming that Gatsby is a criminal. After Nick calms Tom down and all tears subside, the group returns to their homes in West and East Egg, Daisy and Gatsby in one car while Nick, Jordan, and Tom return in another. On the way home, Nick, Jordan, and Tom come upon a violent wreck and soon discover that the woman who fell victim is Myrtle Wilson, Tom’s lover. As details about the crash come forward, the group slowly realizes that Gatsby’s car took her life. Myrtle’s husband, George, becomes hysterical and decides that the driver of the car hit her on purpose and also had an affair with her. While wandering, searching for the car, he shows up at Tom’s house prepared to kill. Tom tells George that it was Gatsby that hit Myrtle. Furious, George shows up at Gatsby’s house to find Gatsby outside
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