Summary of The Great War and The Treaty of Versailles

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During this time, nationalism, imperialism and militarism were all rising and gaining popularity between European countries. o The countries that made up the Triple Alliance were Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, while the Triple Entente consisted of France, Russia, and Britain. o The formation of alliances led to the First World War. The alliances ultimately threatened the peace of the continent, as countries were going against each other. There was also crisis and tension in the Balkans between Serbia and Austria-Hungary. Serb Gavrilo Princip shot Austro-Hungarian, Archduke Ferdinand, Austria and Serbia entered war with each other when compromise could not be reached. Russia soon stepped in, declaring war on Serbia, and so did the most of Europe, setting the war in motion.

Section 2: Europe Plunges into War o When Austria declared war, countries reacted by taking quick action and declared war on each other. Other European countries, such as Italy, Britain and Germany, urged Russia and Austria to come to a compromise. But Russia quickly began to mobilize its army along the Austrian-Russian border as well as the German border. Germany quickly declared war on Russia and France, causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany. o The Western Front, the region in northern…
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