Summary of The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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A bunch of teenage boys are in a maze for an experiment and they have no memory of their lives, except how to do things like speak and they know everything they learned before like algebra, etc. They live in the center of the maze and quickly set it up so they can live there. They have a little farm, there were animals like cows, pigs, etc., and one dog. The Gladers, what they called themselves, also set up a slaughter house so they could produce some of their own food and not just rely on the Box, which didn’t give them enough food for everyone in the maze anyway. The Box is a metal elevator in the center of the ground that shows up once a month with a new person, once a week with new supplies. The Gladers also have a room they call the Map Room for the runners. The runners are people who run out into the maze every day. When they come back they draw out a map of the maze by memory and a few notes they take along the way. Then one normal day Thomas shows up. Gally says he saw Thomas during the changing and that he wasn’t good. The changing is when you are stung by a griever and it gives you back some memories but it’s a lot of pain and you barely remember the memories you see while you’re sleeping. The day after Thomas shows up Theresa comes up the box in a coma. Everyone in the glade freaks out because it’s unusual for someone to be sent up two days in a row. Also the fact she is the only girl. She is holding a note that says “she’s the last one. Ever.” Once Theresa

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