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The Pianist


From 1939 to 1945, the world merely watched while six million Jews were viciously executed by the Nazis. Never in the history of the world had man kind experienced such evil against one class of people. The Pianist, a movie directed by Roman Polanski, is a touching, yet brutally honest film about a man living under the unforgiving conditions of the Holocaust. Adrien Brody demonstrates spectacular acting skills while playing this man, Wladyslaw Szpilman. The story starts out in Warsaw, Poland, 1939, at the house of Szpilman’s Jewish family. Szpilman helped to support his family by playing the piano at different cafes and bars, and for the Polish radio station. By 1940, the Nazi force had already impacted many of
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The Warsaw ghetto had to house about 360,000 Jews at the time Wladyslaw Szpilman arrived. Each family was given an extremely small area to live in and usually had to share the space with at least one other family. To make matters worse, the Nazis had ordered a wall to be built around the entire ghetto, sealing off the Jewish community from the rest of Warsaw. The ghetto became home to 140,000 more Jews just after a couple of months since Szpilman had arrived - that’s half a million Jews in sixteen blocks! A rumor that the Nazis were going to liquidate the ghetto began to spread around the community. The only way to avoid this was to obtain an employment certificate. On the 16th of August 1942, Szpilman’s family was deported in cattle cars to concentration camps. Wladyslaw escaped this deadly fate with the help of a Jewish policeman. For two and a half years, Szpilman suffered torture, starvation, and isolation while hiding from the Nazis. By then, there were only 60,000 Jews left, out of half a million! The 60,000 who are left worked for the Nazis. These Jews snuck in guns and bombs through the potato sacks they received from the market for their work. They then threw the weapons over the walls of the ghetto to the people inside during the night. This was the start of a revolt against the Germans. Wladyslaw became very sick during the time of the revolt, at which the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were killing many of the Nazis. During the revolt,

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