Summary of Week 1 class 1 Introduction to Case Management

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Summary of Week 1 class 1 Introduction to Case Management To start off our information for the first class one must define Case Management. “Case Management is “a course of action for a situation involving an individual and the implementation of such a program; specifically, the process by which all health-related matters of a case are managed by a health professional.” This definition basically states that Case Management is way for people in a down trot part of life to have a plan of attack which can used to help correct their issues at hand, often this involves at minimum another person or group of people to help the troubled person. A slight background will be given as followed to introduce case management. To begin with the people…show more content…
(Maybe their rich and over protective parents never exposed their kid to the outside world, hence leaving them incapable of dealing with people.) Often people will come to a case manager with multiple issues and require an assortment of different services to meet their needs and be fulfilled. (Woodside, McClam 27) Another principle that one should be aware of is known as continuity of care. There are two parts to this principle, the first one states that from the beginning of time when a client calls the case manager/agency to the very end and beyond the ending of the care by providing a short-term line of assistance if necessary. The second part of this principle pretty much states that the case manager maintains a persistent involvement within the client’s life in the aspect of keeping a positive connection with the family, significant other, and helping to make sure the established treatment continues to be efficient. Hence checking up and keeping in touch. Just as equality has always been an important desire in this country, case management is no different. (Woodside, McClam 29) Therefore Equal access to services/advocacy is a very important part of case management. No matter where one comes from, their race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and any other ways people try

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