Summary of the Article 'Sex, Lies, and Conversation: Why It Is So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other'

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The article asserts "that although men tend to talk more than women in public situations, they often talk less at home. And this pattern is wreaking havoc with marriage" (p. 474). Research indicates that a majority of women state a lack of communication as the reason for seeking divorce as compared to only a few of the men. With the divorce rate at 50 percent the author says there is a "virtual epidemic of failed conversation" (p. 474) in America. The article traces the origins of this phenomenon to childhood, where young boys and young girls tend to play exclusively within their own gender. Children's development is most influenced by the social structure of peer interactions. The differences in childhood socialization result in a lack of understanding of the communication styles of the sexes. Boys and girls bond differently. Bonds between boys are based less on talking and more on doing things together. Boy's groups are larger and more hierarchical and they struggle with group status. The article suggests that women's complaints that men don't listen to them may stem from the fact that being a listener produces the feeling of being talked down to, a…
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