Summary of the Episode 'Euphoria' From the TV Show 'House'

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EUPHORIAHouse Season 2Episode 20 Euphoria Officer Joe Luria catches up to a a criminal identified only as Babyshoes. Joe is acting abnormally which will eventually lead House and his team to identify a neopathy which needs diagnosis. Euphoria One of Joe's symptoms is that he appears to have grandiose behaviors. The ER doctors assume that this has been caused by the trauma and abrasions Joe experienced to his head. Euphoria Joe has many signs of an underlying condition although it appears to be mostly latent. Although Joe was never unconscious, there is reason to suspect he has some mental issues. Euphoria The team suspects that a pathology will produce something related to the cranial region. Something in the brain seems to be throwing the body out of homeostasis. Euphoria When the dermatologist studied Joe's skin, he found no evidence of melanoma or any other cutaneous issues. Euphoria If the team did find an issue with Joe's brain, surgery would be used as a last resort. A craniectomy or a craniotomy can be a risky procedure. Such a surgery is almost as risky as a spinal operation. Euphoria House has to walk with a cane due to an motorcycle accident. He has trouble voluntarily controlling his right leg. He accident has left him with ataxia in his leg and the muscle is also beginning to atrophy. Euphoria House and his team correctly diagnose that Joe Luria had contracted Legionnaires'. This relieves some of Joe's symptoms such as his anorexia, celiac

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