Summary of the Movie: Mean Girls

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In life you will always have to faced many decisions that may impact your entire life. That is the case of Cady Heron, the main character of the movie “Mean Girls.'' Cady is influenced by Janis to destroy Regina George, the most popular girl in school. In order to destroy Regina, Cady and Janis make a plan on how to destroy Regina George. The three things on how Cady and Janis are going to destroy Regina are by having Regina boyfriend Aaron Samuels breakup with her then make Regina lose her hot body, and finally destroy her friendship with the plastics. In order for Cady and Janis plan to work, Cady has to make some decisions in order to destroy Regina George. Cady will have to take on a role of liking and becoming friends with Regina. That means that Cady will have to follow some of the traditions the plastics are known for. Also, Cady will have to present herself to Regina and the plastic as one of them, but she also has to act different towards other people. Cady and Janis wants to destroy Regina George because they feel that Regina deserved to be thrown out of her grown of queen. Cady has to act like she wants to become one of the plastics in order to continue their plan of destroying Regina. For that reason, Cady has to follow some of the traditions the plastics have. Those traditions includes that they wear pink every Wednesday, they are only allowed to wear a pony tail once a weak, and they are not allowed to wear sweat pants. Since, Cady wants to be in the world
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