Summary of the Problem of ABC Company

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Summary of the problem and company The issue is one of cost management where the example of Company ABC is brought to illustrate the complexities of evaluating cost baselines and setting and reviewing cost schedules. This is particularly tricky where complex and, occasionally, indefinite or unclear cost projects are involved. More so, each project has a number of factors that may impact the other driving up cost in an indeterminist fashion. All possible implications and effects have to be considered and this can more often than not be tricky. Since cost management is a strenuous task that involves infinite unpredictabilities, agents are advised to keep their cost schedules sufficiently flexible so as to accommodate change when the need arises. In this way, cost calculations can be adjusted at he last moment and when need be without turning the company into any difficulties. We learn how to do this from the ABC and Co company which, although unique in that it is a virtual library, still has applications that can extend to other both online and offline situations. ABC and Co is a successful company that is now planning to launch a virtual library that will allow clients to download books in hard copy at nominal cost. The ABC library differentiates itself from traditional libraries in various ways not least that it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and ahs a virtually unlimited stock of all forms of reading materials. Security deposit it required. The client signs up for a
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