Essay about Summative Assessment Preparation

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Performance Task Analysis- Summative Assessment Preparation
Rita Ybarra
EDU645: Learning and Assessment for the 21st Century
Suhad Sadik
January 19, 2015

Performance Task Analysis-Summative Assessment Preparation
(description and explanation including where found)
(Personal connection & how this will help you construct high quality summative assessments)

1. Students will be able to collect and organize events and appropriate information from the reading to answer questions in detail about the reading.
Naomi is required to tell about what she learned about her grandma Ruth. This will allow Naomi to collect information and organize the events into the order that it was read.

4th Grade Reading Sample
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4. Students will be able to edit grammar usage and mechanics within a reading passage.
The students are asked to re-write the passage while correcting errors within the reading. This will allow the students to find mistakes within the reading and make changes as needed.
High School Writing sample
It’s interesting to see how each student will find different grammatical errors in reading. This will show that students can edit mechanical errors within the reading and make changes as necessary. This will help assess the students in their editing grammar mechanics.
5. Students will be able to apply and develop appropriate reasoning and purpose to a situation.
The students are asked to give reasoning that will support the need to have a longer day.

4th Grade Writing Sample
It was interesting to see how students would revise the school day to support a longer day. This will show the dedication the students have to learning and spending more time in school. This will allow more time to study and prepare the students for end of term and end of school assessment testing.
6. Students will be able to identify and comprehend ideas, events, and procedures while using supporting ideas and details.
The students are given multiple choice questions to best identify how diamonds teach the students about the nature of diamonds.

11th Grade Reading Sample
It’s interesting to see how
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