Summer Beats Poem Descriptions

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Sweltering heat of summer beats
Under the blue sky wide.
Many a day is passed away
Many taken in stride.
Early light pushes back the night
Replacing dark’s inky tide.

Auburn leaves fall from the trees
Until the limbs are bare
Ghouls roam the street
Under the moon’s pale glare.
Middle of the night, this ghostly plight
No longer fills the air.

White snow falls, the lone wolf calls
Into the frozen night.
Night falls fast, bringing icy blast,
The winds blow from great height.
Enveloping cold, with icy hold,
Rages through the night.

Seasons pass, snow replaced by grass,
Ponds and rivers overflow.
Rain pours down all around,
Ice melts, South winds blow.
Nature is renewed, with air imbued,
Growing steady and slow.
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