Summer Employment Research Paper

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My senior year of high school was quickly coming to an end, and I found myself looking for a job for the summer. College cost go up every year and I knew that if I wanted extra spending money, I would have to contribute. Summer employment is a great way to earn extra money plus, I am a person who likes to stay busy, and I realized having a job during break would help accomplish both. Having played multiple sports in high school, I was always doing something throughout my day and I knew I couldn't have a job like lifeguarding where you have to sit and watch a pool for hours. I enjoy always having a task to perform or a job to get done. Now that I knew I wanted to work, I started my first job search by networking with people I thought had connections…show more content…
It was as though I had been working there my whole life. The team did not treat me like a baby just because I was the youngest by nine years, and soon after starting I would learn that one of the members graduated from the same high school as me and it led to a connection that I found to be very cool. Norm’s team always treated me like I was one of them and dry walling was my profession. Having never dry walled before in my life, the opportunity to learn all the new skills was very exciting for me. When I took the job, I didn't expect to learn how to mix up 5, 25, 45, and 90 minute easy sand and be able to put the mud on a scalpel and use the correct techniques to apply in over nail marks and properly scrape it off to make smooth walls. The job taught me that to get a professional result you had to do this for three coats as a minimum. I also learned that after the plaster had dried completely and the wall had received its proper number of coats, it had to be sanded to a smooth and seamless finish. The guys I worked with didn't wear dust masks, and being the newbie, I followed suit. By the time I was done sanding I would have a white flour like coating all over my body and if I blew my nose it looked like Elmer’s glue! Project work also included some hard knocks as I found myself itching daily after installing more insulation then anyone would ever want to imagine installing. The job certainly created…show more content…
Arriving at work on time and working hard helped to build a good relationship with the team and with my boss. Hard work proved to the team that I would do my share and Norm even trusted me to drive “The Morgue,” one of 3 white vans that we used on all jobs to transfer our equipment and materials. The morgue was where we kept all the sheets of drywall and I found myself running to Home Depot, Lowes, and Interior Supply Co. to pick up drywall and supplies. Carrying all the sheets of drywall was certainly one of the hardest parts of my job, and being a young athlete, I always found myself doing a large part of the heavy lifting. I didn't know the different weights of an 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and a 16ft board until I carried them all more times than I had could imagined. This exercise also made me vividly aware of the role that the different thicknesses of the boards plays in the
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