Summer Enrichment Research Paper

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The first two weeks of Summer Enrichment have really been a learning experience. The first week was spent getting to know the kids and in what ways they would engage in play. It seemed as though I would never get the hang of the way things would go. But at the start of the second week it was much different. The children began coming out of their shell more and the experience was much better for me and them, I feel like. One of the things that I feel like that I have benefitted the most is the way to redirect play into something that is not as dangerous or something that is better. The block room can get very crazy at times. With Tab being in there with me, the children do not take me as seriously. This is something that I have learned to work around and work more with Tab to…show more content…
Not only are we capturing the play, but also writing a unique story to be given to the children and their parents. We may have only started group time during the second week but it has been a learning experience the whole time. Being with the four year olds has really shown how children loose and gain interest depending on what is going on. You have to be quick but also authentic when planning the things for group time. Having other teachers help is also a big help. I feel as though through group time and the free play of the program I have learned that everything cannot go as planned and that is okay. Sometimes you have to go a different route than initially planned because of student interest or because of other circumstances. When it was raining one of the days, the students were allowed to go to the playground and play. They seemed to really enjoy this. The slide was turned into a water slide and many rain dances were done. I would have thought to not allow them to go outside, but you have to step outside of your comfort zone as a teacher to see what the children are interested
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