Summer Exam 2016 - Inquiry Research

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Lauren Bilkis, Shelbie Charley, Yasmyn Collazo, Taylor Mazur
AICE General Paper/Bilous
Winter Exam 2016 – Inquiry Research
19 December 2016
EXPOSITORY “‘Tourists are rejecting the traditional holiday vacations in favour of experiencing different places and activities.’ Why might this be?”
Family vacations used to be the go to trip for any given time to travel, but as generations advance the destinations of holiday vacations have evolved alongside society. The mindset of the world today has caused people to reject traditional holiday vacations for new experiences. These new experiences can range anywhere from going to exotic places like Jamaica to Greece to just staying home. There is a reason for all of this change, such as the lack of financial stability, the increase in technology and social media, and different kinds of people with their diverse views.
Traveling is expensive, and financial issues have begun to cause the downfall of most vacations. People cannot afford to go and see their family, so they stay home on “vacations” known as staycations. These staycations are a new experience for a lot of people because they are not going anywhere on their vacation time, which is unusual for them. One reason for this is that student loans have gone up tremendously in recent years and before people can worry about going on vacation, they must pay back these debts. These loans can last a lifetime, and instead of worrying about them forever they postpone their vacations, so

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