Summer Freedom Changes For Football Season And Standardized Tests

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And Now It’s Time for a Celebration of Learning Summer freedom changes to football season and standardized tests for students as they return to school. Back-to-school shopping has barely ended when most students start taking their first big tests, such as the SAT. Friday night hype and school pride fades into a tired Saturday morning in school where it is the student with her bubble sheet and booklet, twenty other kids, and that one guy who will not stop coughing. Tests like the SAT are believed to show a student’s knowledge well-enough to affect the course of their future. Most students believe this to be unfair, even those who have adequate access to preparatory courses and materials. However, not all students are rising from previous grades, or even coming from their own home. Many students go unthought-of, such as refugees from war torn countries. Children fleeing places such as Syria and Iraq will start school in the fall alongside the common American child if certain skills are deemed proficient. But most standards for proficiency fall at a minimal level, and put students in a difficult position that they may not fully understand. And this does not happen with just refugees; it happens to other marginalized groups in the United States. When people say that there are issues with tests and the way they are employed, they are not wrong, but the problem goes deeper than just the average American student. The controversies that tests create are valid to all students,

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