Summer Holidays - Original Writing

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It was the first of June. The sun was shining brightly and there was the flavor of joy, happiness, and vacations in the air. I breathed it and truly felt how my body overwhelmed with the freedom and desire to move the mountains in the pursuit of great vacations. I planned my summer holidays during the whole year, and I knew for sure that it had to be a marvelous time spent with friends, ocean, sunshine, fresh fruits, and disco parties. My mother has changed everything that day. She decided that charity was the best thing, which I could do in the summer, and enrolled me to the special program, aimed at attending the elderly homes and assisting senior people there. Saying that I was disappointed is nothing. I was truly furious, because it…show more content…
Nothing interesting. For me, they were outdated people, who knew nothing about life in a real world. But I smiled, made the things they asked me to, and counted minutes to return to my joyful life with cool friends, jokes, cafes and parties. One day and one meeting have changed my whole life. I was walking down the corridor, and accidentally glimpsed into the room, where sat an old woman. She resembled an exotic fluffy flower. She had light curly hair and sat near the window. The sun was shining brightly that day, and her gray hair was full of sun flashes, and there was such a feeling that there was a nimbus around her head. I stopped and started looking at her. She was knitting and her fingers quickly did something with the stitches. There was nothing particular about her, but her outer look caught my eye and immediately attracted attention. Her skin resembled a baked apple. It was covered with wrinkles, but it did not distort her appearance. The most amazing thing was her eyes. Blue, round, energetic. There was such a feeling that these were the eyes of a kid, who wants to investigate the world. They irradiated kind miraculous light, and this light made me come closer and closer… For the first time during the fortnight, I approached the old woman because I wanted to do it, but not because I was obliged to show. It seemed that she was not surprised at all, she looked at me, as if I came every
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