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MEMORANDUM FROM: Group Members TO: Owners, Summer Place, Inc. DATE: May 26, 2015 RE: Information, Findings and Conclusions on Business and Legal Problems I. Decision Situation, Concern, and Purpose Summer Place wants to expand Diamond Design and Construction, Inc. (Diamond). It is considering a five-year expansion plan in County A located in eastern North Carolina. This expansion would support increased profits and business growth objectives. County A has enacted utility surcharge ordinance to increase economic develop, to recruit professional and skilled workers and to further growth of existing business organizations in the county. The utility surcharge ordinance requires that businesses with 33 or less full…show more content…
The operative elements are STATE, PERSON, and JURISDICTION. The common application is the prohibition of some person from exercising a right, discrimination based on gender or legitimacy, or whether the classification might relate to a legitimate government interest. The facts in the case of Nordlinger v. Hahn are that the plaintiff, who was a renter in Los Angeles County, purchased a home in the same county. The plaintiff’s property taxes are higher than those of her established neighbors due to California Constitution Article XIIIA. The issue is whether the reassessment scheme of Article XIIIA of the California Constitution that imposes a higher tax on new resident and not old ones violates the Equal Protection Clause. The United States Supreme Court held the California Constitution Article XIIIA's acquisitionvalue assessment scheme does not violate the Equal Protection Clause. The law is the Equal Protection Clause and is deemed valid under the rational basis test. The issue in New City is whether the tourism businesses is hampered by the growing number of new businesses such as restaurants, gift shops, and cafes, violates the Equal Protection Clause. The decision is that it does not violate the clause due to the rational basis test. The reason for this conclusion is the rational basis as it relates to a legitimate government interest. The local government
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