Summer Reading : Alas, Babylon

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Eileen Guichard
English Honors 1
Summer Reading: Alas, Babylon
1. The main conflict in the novel is ‘man vs. society.’ Randy was constantly put against the highwaymen. Randy really wanted and was trying to create peace and order in Fort Repose post nuclear attacks while the highwaymen was using violence to get everything they needed.

2. There are 2 subplots in this novel. The first one is when they flash to Mark saying goodbye to each other at the Omaha airport. The other subplot is when the story goes to the Mediterranean. In this an American pilot attempts to fire at an enemy plane but blows up a harbor in Syria on accident.

3. The main character in the novel is Randy Bragg. The main character in each subplot is the Bragg family and the American pilot.

4.Through direct characterization we see Randy become heroic and strong, mentally and physically. Through indirect characterization, we see Randy become very sympathetic and caring. For example, we see Randy care more for others than himself.

5.This book takes place in Fort Repose, Florida. The story takes place post World Wars. We know because they are constantly referencing the ‘first and second’ world wars. Also, in this novel the USA and the Soviet Union are in an ‘unstable’ relationship. They are currently in a nuclear war.

6. The point-of-view in the novel is third-person omniscient. Pat Frank uses this point-of-view so we understand how all the characters feel during this very difficult time. All…

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