Summer Reading Assignment: Shelley's Frankenstein

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Neshad L. Potts Ms. Marinell English 31 July 2012 English 11 Summer Reading Homework Interpretive 1. The point of view is told in narrative form first by Robert Walton and then switches to Victor Frankenstein. If the book was only told from one character’s point of view I think it would be less confusing. 2. The creatures view on society, justice and injustice is that he feels just will never be served. 3. The main themes in the novel are revenge and justice. 4. The role weather has in maintaining the mood of Frankenstein is it induced a mood appropriate setting. 5. Shelley includes Dr. Darwin’s name in the preface because of the creatures extreme adaptations. 6. The type of families portrayed in the novel were compared,…show more content…
11. - Father - Victor - If we make this creature, he will not fit in with all others. 12. - Creature - Victor - Back in the day, things were a lot harder than now. 13. - Creature - Victor - The creature he created is so ugly and horrible that it could be the Devil’s friend. 14. - Creature - Victor - He was not able to be tamed, he was a monster. 15. - Creature - Victor - He will get back at his enemy 16. - Creature - Victor - Because he is miserable people hate him? 17. - Creature - Victor - If he gets what he wants this one time, he will never ask for a thing again. 18. - Clerval - Victor - He can only be himself when he is with Victor 19. - Elizabeth - Victor - I love you and always will 20. - Elizabeth - Victor - She is in love with his smile, and needs nothing else to live. 21. - Victor - Elizabeth - The night will be nice, but something terrible is gonna happen. 22. - Victor - Walton - He wants to kill his enemy, but if he does there is a chance he will lose his life as well. 23. - Victor - Walton - He is not to blame for all that happened 24. - Walton - Creature - He is a hypocritical person, because he does things for him, but when it comes to do other things, he’s not there for him. 25. - Creature - Walton - He will not stop until he is

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