Summer Reading In The Book Thief By Liesel Meminger

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Summer Reading Rhetorical reading helps the reader understand what is happening in a novel, and how to interpret it. There will be a part one, part two, and a part five explained in this essay by using this tool. The novel used for this is, The Book Thief, it takes place during World War II with an adventure of a little girl named Liesel Meminger and her life through this time in history. She soon learns what it’s like to let go of loved ones and how to overcome fear. Liesel starts this journey only at nine and continues until she is an older woman. The next following paragraphs show Liesel’s life towards the beginning and middle of the novel. First, the novel starts with part one by using zoom in and using zoom past. The beginning had zoom in, being used numerous times due to the reader getting to know the story and the characters. Zoom past was being used towards the end of the section due to everything being tied together. The author put the chapter together by introducing all of the characters in detail, and having the setting in the book easy to know. It starts with a girl named Liesel who is on a train to go see her new foster parents. Sadly, her younger brother died on this journey and needed to be buried, which is where Liesel obtains her first stolen book. There were many interesting sentences in part one, but the one that stood out the most was this one. The text states, “He was a black rain coat, brown pants, decomposing shoes, and a mouth-and what a mouth it was”
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