Summer Sleep-Away Camps

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Summer Time Fun As adults, we spend a lot of time away from our family and friends due to work or other priorities in our life. We learn to adapt and keep going through these times of being away and this can make us a greater person. Summer sleep-away camp is much like a longer version of a sleepover and can be a great head start for children who may not be away from their family and friends much. This leads me to feel that summer sleep-away camps have positive effects on children and should even be considered important to the development of a child.

For me, the biggest reason for summer sleep-away camps is to help the child develop more. Camps offer more life experience that are likely to come up in later adulthood. For instance, when I was younger I went to a camp for a whole month! I was terrified of being away from my parents for that long, however I overcame this fear and I was able to gain many great experiences and tools I use today. One thing I improved on was swimming during my time at
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While it is true the child will miss some time with their friends and families, they will however be making new friends and new memories. These new memories and friends may even allow the child to show their friends and family new ideas and tricks that improve family life. The child gains new friends and this is a positive effect especially if the child struggled before with making friends, or even if the child is shy this is a benefit because they are meeting others who will have something in common with them.

Going to a sleep-away camp is a very beneficial thing for children of all ages. They allow children to gain new life experiences, new friends, and a better outlook toward adulthood. This in turn can lead to a better life for the child and their family. Summer sleep-away camps should be a very serious consideration for any child.

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