Summer To Die Analysis

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The novel, Summer to Die by Lois Lowry is mainly about Meg and her point of view of everything going on in her life including her popular sister Molly, her father (who is an English professor), and her mother; all during jurassic changes. Meg loves photography and is a bit jealous of her sister Molly who is more popular and in Meg’s words “the prettier one”. They both moved out to a hidden city because of their father who needs a quieter place to finish his book. While in the city, they met new neighbors, such as Will Banks and a couple named Maria and Ben who they began to grow close to. Molly began to get nose bleeds which happened frequently and would seem normal at first, until they discovered it wasn’t. One night Molly woke up excessively bleeding and was taken to the hospital only to return days later unlike her usual self. During that time Meg gets to know her neighbors Ben and Maria who would be giving birth soon. Molly visits the Hospital constantly but the reason for her visits and her condition is kept from her younger sister Meg, who still believes that Molly will soon recover and come home. Meg finally discovers that her sister has acute myelogenous leukemia and will soon die. When Molly passes, Meg begins to see that Molly was within her the whole time; and she begins to see that she too was beautiful just like her sister Molly. In my opinion, the book Summer To Die, is worth reading and I highly recommend it. I personally felt as if the novel related to me
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