Summer Training Undertaken At E.h Ansari & Co

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A PROJECT REPORT ON SUMMER TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT E.H ANSARI & CO. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT In partial fulfilment for the award of the degree of Bachelors of COMMERCE (BCOM) Honours Submitted by Priyanka Singh A3146913024 Batch of 2014-16 At AMITY UNIVERSITY NOIDA June-July 2015 DECLARATION I, PRIYANKA SINGH student of AMITY UNIVERSITY, NOIDA in BCOM (Honours), hereby declare that, this Project Report under the title SUMMER TRAINING is the record of my original work under the guidance of CA Mr. E.H Ansari. This report has never been submitted anywhere else for award of any degree. Signature of the Student: Place: noida Date: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a great opportunity & pleasure for me to express my profound gratitude towards all the individuals who directly or indirectly contributed towards completion of this report. Working on this report was a challenges and a new exposure in the corporate world. I am greatly in debated to Mr. E.H Ansari under whose guidance and concern I am able to bring the report into its real shape. I am thankful to DR. ADARSH ARORA and all faculty members of ACCF Department in providing me useful guidance for the completion of this report. I convey my gratitude to all those who are directly or indirectly related in the completion of this project report. Priyanka Singh Roll No:

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