Summer Vacation Essay

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It was June 2nd, school was out, it’s now summer vacation. Genesis’ parents, Gregory and Raina, were taking a month off of work to spend it in New York. They had forgotten Genesis’ and her siblings, Nikki and Marquise were going to be out of school at this time. So they had announced to them that they were going to New York with them. “Marquise, Genesis, Nikki, come down here and hear the good news” Gregory muttered. “Your mother and I have decided that you’ll be attending New York with us for part of your summer vacation.”
Marquise, Genesis, and Nikki all screamed with excitement. They all had to pack right away, because they were going to be leaving the next morning. They had packed and went to sleep. The next morning around 7:00 a.m they were heading out the door to catch a flight for 9:00. When they arrived at the airport it was full of hundreds of people leaving off for summer vacation. It took them forever to board onto the plane, because of the long wait. When taking flight, leaving California, the whole plane shouted in excitement. It was a successful take off, until.Until the plane started shaking, they were flying straight through a storm. “Thump thump thump” As the the rain pounded on the plane. The clouds were as black as the sky without a moon or any lights. “ Everybody please remain calm”, the pilot said. “ Oxygen mask will be released, please tighten your seatbelt, and hold on tight. We will be through the storm

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