Summer in the The 1000 Islands

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A multitude of colleges are located within one-hundred-and-twenty-five miles radius from Alexandria Bay. The local resorts and other businesses needed summer employees to accommodate the tourists and summer residents that flooded the area during the peak season.
The region developed a reputation as a place for young people to go boating, meet the opposite sex, and generally have a blast for a couple of months. My pals and I who were members of the seasonal-resident community shunned the idea of staying near our schools or winter homes in order to get summer employment there. Going to summer school, like my sister Betsy often did, held no interest for me, and the concept of finding an internship for a future career choice had yet to become fashionable. Being at the river for the summer was really all that I cared about.
My parents were inclined to be skeptical of a setting where fun and frivolity is a central theme. The idea that they could be responsible for funding such a program was especially unappealing to them. I discovered that my parents were not alone in their concerns. I’ve been both witness and the focus of more than one session of parental interrogations with a mom and dad asking questions like, “Where are you going to stay? How are you going to support yourself? Are you mature enough to exercise good judgment in your actions and interactions?” I noticed that the conversations…

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