Summerise the Expected Stages of Childrens Behaviour Essay

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5.1. Summarise the expected stages of children’s behaviour. Children need guidance and personal example from the adults around them to help them learn what is acceptable and what behaviour isn’t acceptable. Behaviour is greatly influenced by primary socialisation and children will react and take in how close family members act. Bandura developed the modelling idea where children would copy the adults around them. “There is much evidence that a child who witnesses or experiences violence at home may develop aggressive tendencies.” There are a number of different types of behaviour these include assertive, aggressive, submissive and manipulative behaviour. When a child is showing signs of manipulative behaviour they tend to blame others…show more content…
If a child has a feeling of control in them and their lives then there confidence and self esteem will be lifted and this will help their behaviour. If a child is given the chance to make their own decisions they will feel important and in charge helping how they act. “Play should empower children, affirm and support their right to make choices, discover their own solutions, to play and develop at their own pace and in their own way.” Children can behave badly due to many different reasons; one most common cause of bad behaviour is separation and changes in a child’s normal routine as joining a nursery is usually the first time a child is separated from its parents. Parents are usually able to stay with their child for a little while to help settle the child in. The key worker system is useful as this will help the child feel safe and secure with that person. “It is often helpful if the same member of staff welcomes the child each day, particularly in their first few weeks of attendance. This helps build security and gives both the child and their parent a focal point where they can say goodbye with limited distress.” Another strategy for managing behaviour is the ABC strategy, which is based on social learning theory. When a child finds it difficult coping with new challenges and becomes distressed its best to deal with this with consistent responses. Showing a child attention whilst behaving

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