Sun Moon and Talia

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Sun, Moon and Talia: The Story of Sleeping Beauty A princess doomed to sleep forever until true loves first kiss... that is how the story goes right? That assumption would be wrong. The classic story of Sleeping Beauty has been around for hundreds of years. The general idea of the story has remained unchanged but the "how" of the story has evolved over the last 300 years. From the original works of Giamattista Basile, The Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney, authors have slowly changed the tale for the public, allowing them to fall in love more easily with the cursed princess. In 1634 Giamattista Basile wrote the story of Sun, Moon and Talia, better known today as Sleeping Beauty. A princess not cursed but prophesized to die once flax pierced…show more content…
With promises to return soon he departs, returning to his kingdom and his wife. This part of the story can be taken many ways, first, who would ever welcome their attacker back with open arms? It was a different time, perhaps a case of Stockholm syndrome. The king admits to his sins and is forgiven much like how confession works in the Catholic Church. Now without the burden of a terrible secret between them, they are free to love each other and their children. It also shows that love conquers all, as told in both the original work and the most current telling. Upon returning to his kingdom, we are introduced to the queen for the first time. She sees a change in her husband and grows suspicious. Eventually she finds one of the king’s servants who is easy to scare with threats of treason and is willing to talk. She learns about Talia and the children and grows infuriated, demanding the traitor go retrieve the children under the guise of "the king misses them and wants them by his side." Once Talia hears this she unquestioning gives the servant Sun and Moon so they can go see their father. Arriving at the palace the children are whisked into the kitchen where the queen instructs the cook to butcher them and cook them for the king’s dishes that evening. The cook decides he cannot kill such beautiful children and hides them with his wife, butchering lambs instead. Smug
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