Sun Painting Company : A Successful Entrepreneur

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Sun Painting Company was founded in 1976 by Fred Hollobaugh. At the time that he found the company he was looking to do something that would allow him to provide for himself and his family. He had started by going to an apprentice school for painting, after finishing school he decided to start his own company. Fred had decided that Payson had sufficient market and lacked a professional painting company that people could rely on.
When interviewing Fred I asked him what he thought made his company so useful? He said, “I had to treat it like one of my children, the more I paid attention and nourished it the better it would thrive, leading to a higher success rate.” He had also said, “It is very time consuming and can be overwhelming, but that is what being an entrepreneur is all about, hard work, constant dedication and taking risk”. It was because of the risk that he took that he feels he was able to be such a successful entrepreneur.
While looking at the different traits that I have learned about through-out the semester, I realized that many of the traits were either mentioned or gone into depth about during my interaction with the owner of Sun Painting Company. Such as being a risk taker, being organized, self-motivated, hard-working and having dedication to the company. Attempting to run a company without some of the attributes would be difficult and could also prove to be unsuccessful.
When Fred initially started Sun Painting Company he would do residential work and
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