Sun Tzu: A Heroic Strategist Philosopher Essay

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Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher who was known as a heroic strategist. Sun Tzu authored the “Art of War” which was an ancient Chinese book based on military strategies, that significantly influenced Asian history and culture. Five factors made up Sun Tzu’s philosophy of strategies: Moral Ethics, Climate, Terrain, Leadership, and Methods, all need to achieve a victory in battle. By mastering all five factors, Sun Tzu won countless wars. Although, Sun Tzu’s philosophy was based on war, all five factors could apply to a business environment.

The most important factor of Sun Tzu’s philosophy is moral ethics, or in other words Tao. Tao, which stands for ‘philosophy’ or ‘the way’, is the essential core of Sun Tzu’s philosophy. This
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Being able to pick the best opportunity to fight, using the bad weather in a way it inflicts damage to the enemy, helped win the battle. Sun Tzu said, “Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are unexpected” (Sun Tzu's Art of War in English Illustrated). When talking about war the climate factor, when using it as an advantage, helps the outcome of the battle. For instance, using the dark storm weather to lead the enemy into an ambush, or using the wind to mislead the opponents’ crossbow arrows. Similarly, in a business environment climate helps. In order to succeed in a business, the problem needs to be capitalized. Workers must seize opportunities despite the conditions beyond their control, and turn them into advantages. For instance, a CEO of a business organization must be able modify strategies according to the discrepancy of the economic environment or climate.

The third factor of Sun Tzu’s philosophy is terrain or in other words Di. The terrain of a battlefield in uncontrollable, however, a good leader knew how to use the terrain to the advantage of their men, not their enemies. Thus, almost like climate, one can make choices allowing the uncontrollable under ones control. With regards to terrain, Sun Tzu said, “the general who is skilled in defence hides in the most secrete recesses of the earth; he who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of

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