Suncor Energy Case Analysis

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Human Resources Management
Assignment #1- Research Assignment

Executive summary
Suncor Energy is a company I would like to work for because they have a solid foundation for both business and employee success. Also, the company has an achievement- oriented culture, enormous opportunities for career growth, a very competitive compensation package, an industry leading experience and a great reputation for social and environmental responsibility.
Subsequent to my research into Suncor Energy, I remain interested in working there because my research shows that they embrace diversity and have great opportunities for everyone from new graduates all the way to seasoned professionals. They also have a dynamic mix of newcomers
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This method will help them find and appreciate possibilities together for pursuing enduring resolutions that will positively impact communities, future generations and the company. It will also ensure that both the company and the communities will always understand each other 's interests, issues, needs and concerns. Also, they support programs and institutions that contribute to building an educated and engaged workforce7. This enriches the individual’s skills and also provides skilled workforce for the company as they will be operating in a knowledge and skill rich environment.
Suncor Energy’s strategic involvement in corporate social responsibility is a very important factor for me as a possible future employee. I believe a company who gives back to the community where it operates will treat its employees with respect. Their involvement in corporate social responsibility will create a community that will be fertile with employable talents in the future. This participation in corporate social responsibility is seen as an advantage for the company as it will develop the community in which it draws its resources, both human and material. It will also boost the company’s reputation and corporate image and subsequently attract quality applicants.
Environmental factors that may influence the future of Suncor Energy and the implications on the employees and the Human Resources Department.
Changes in commodity prices may alter the
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