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"Sunday Candy," a short film written by Chancellor Johnathan Bennett also known as Chance The Rapper is not only a dedication to his late grandmother, but is also a showcase of his artistic abilities beyond rhyming over an arrangement of instruments, sounds, and tempos. Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment deliver an easily relatable song and appear in this amusing short film directed by Austin Vesely, Ian Eastwood and Chance The Rapper. With an engaging video setup, the use of unconventional instruments, and thought-provoking lyrics, Chance The Rapper allows the viewer to sense the warm, exuberant, and maternal spirit of his grandmother and gives the viewer a understanding of how these feelings and memories continuously influence his life.…show more content…
The listener can also understand that she is a church going woman who prays a lot for her grandsons. Additionally, the listener can tell that his grandmother is very special to him and the simple thought of her can move him to want to do better for himself. Bennett continues to vocalize his appreciation for his grandmother, and the audience can understand that she is worth more than money to him and even in times when they did not have a lot of money she always filled that void. For example, in verse two, “Hella holes in my stocking holding your pockets in place; I like my love with a budget, I like my hugs with a scent; You smell like light, gas, water, electricity, rent,” (Genius) Chance tells how his grandmother simply reminds him of home. In the hook that goes like, “You gotta move it slowly; Take and eat my body like it's holy; I've been waiting for you for this whole week; I've been praying for you, you're my Sunday candy,” (Genius) Jamila Woods really is able to express to the audience the feeling of missing your grandmother and wanting to never leave them. This hook also compares the feeling Bennett has for his grandmother to the Church ceremony of First Sunday Communion. Additionally, Woods sings in the bridge,” You better come on in this house, cause it's gonna rain; Rain down Zion, it's gonna rain.” The audience can make the comprehension that his grandmother would call him to come inside the house after a certain time because after dark is safer to be inside rather than outside and Bennett always felt like his grandmother’s house was

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