Sunday In The Park Theme

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Sunday in the park is a story written by Bel Kaufmann, which was published in 1985. The story presents two conflicts, the first conflict is between two different families, and the other conflict is how to distinguish between right and wrong.
The wife is a very caring woman. She believes that you must behave properly, even if it is in a public sandbox. It can be seen by this quote: “We mustn’t throw sand. It may get in someones eyes and hurt, we must play nicely in the nice sandbox” (Page 97, line 19-20). Therefore is she a very caring woman, she would like to teach Larry how to fix his own problems with his bullies. When she told the bully to stop throwing sand at her child, the boy’s father came and told his son that it was alright to throw sand. After it happened, she got nervous and
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It is seen in this quote “with all the dignity she could summon, she pulled Larry’s sandy perspiring little hand while Morton pulled the other. Slowly and with head high she walked with her husband and child out of the playground.” (Page 99, line 6-10).
The wife is not happy about the way Morton handled the situation when they walked away. It is shown that she is very disappointed with her husbands behavior, because he is just a coward who is running from his problems. Furthermore she is disappointed because her husband is not able to fight his own battles, she want him to be strong and fight his own fights, instead of just running away. (Page 99 Line 27-32).

The theme in the story is that you have to be aware of problems in relationships. Things you never have thought about can turn into problems. So that means that when you enter a relationship you have to be ready to deal with some little problems, which can turn into bigger problems. It can be seen in the story, where the wife is in love with Morton and nothing is wrong between them. But when Morton lost the conflict, the wife got angry on
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