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If you want a taste of West African History Sundiata will give you exactly what you want and more. Sundiata was an interesting piece of literature to read. Unlike the previous two books we have read this semester I found this book much more simple. This book was much easier for me to comprehend and actually get into. This book exposed me not only to the West African history, but also a new religion. The story of Sundiata depicts the story of the foundation of the Mali Empire in West Africa. This story takes place during a transitional time period, when the trade network that linked towns and villages across western Africa attracted north African merchants who brought increasing Muslim influence. The Mali Empire was one of the great…show more content…
He gives special attention to Lahilatoul Kalabi, the first black prince to make the Pilgrimage to Mecca. On his return trek, he was robbed by brigands, and his entourage split. Allah saved his life and made him a king once he returned to Mali after seven years of wandering. They state, “After seven years' absence Lahilatoul was able to return, by the grace of Allah the Almighty” (Sundiata, 2). Another important role in this epic was the importance of long distance trade. After the exile of Sundiata it gives him a chance to learn about the trade routes and people of his region. An example of this long distance trade was in the chapter of The Baobab Leaves. Sundiata's sister, Kolonkan, now of a marriageable age took on the role in society as a woman. “She was at the market she noticed a woman who was offering for sale nofiola, and gnougou, condiments unknown to the people of Mema” (Sundiata, 43). She recognized the baobob leaves and many other vegetables which her mother used to grow in her garden at Niani. The merchant questions Kolonkan on how she knows about the baobab leaves, due to her offering at the market in Mema for days, but no one wanting them. While over hearing the conversation a man draws near offering the princess a cola. “We are merchants and we going from town to town”(Sundiata, 44). The details of trade in this chapter greatly illustrate the existence of trade in the West African

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