Sundiata 's The Mali Empire

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Sundiata himself is the most significant contributor to the formation of the Mali empire, however, various women hold a background role that is vital to the series of occurring events that allow Sundiata to become the king of Mali and form the Mali empire. The buffalo woman, Sogolon, and Nana Triban are all female characters who allow Sundiata the ability to fulfill his prophecy and become the king of Mali. Besides Sundiata himself, these women have some of the most important roles as compared to other secondary characters in their influence in the success of Sundiata in defeating his rival Soumaro. The buffalo woman was the catalyst for all events in the epic. If she hadn’t prophesied that Maghan Fatta would need to choose Sogolon to…show more content…
The buffalo woman is the catalyst for all events succeeding her prophecy. Without her, Sundiata would never have been born and the Mali Empire wouldn’t have been created because Maghan wouldn’t have married Sogolon without knowing of the prophecy. Interestingly, the buffalo woman’s prophecy focuses more on Sogolon than Maghan, even though Sundiata’s birth is reliant on both of them. This gives Sogolon and immediate air of importance and power. The buffalo woman predicts that Sogolon, “will be an extraordinary woman if you manage to possess her” (8). Here, the buffalo woman asserts the exceptional quality of Sogolon, despite her unattractive exterior. It is also important to note that she doesn’t say that Sogolon is exceptional only because of her relation to Sundiata, but rather leaves her high remarks on Sogolon herself. Sogolon has one of the most important roles of any character in the Epic barring Sundiata himself. She was prophesized to bear a child who “will be more mighty than Alexander” (6). Interestingly, Sogolon’s physical appearance is described persistently in this epic. She is “ugly, she is hideous, she bears on her back a disfiguring hump. Her monstrous eyes seem to have been merely laid on her face, but, mystery of mysteries, this is the woman you must marry, sire, for she will be the mother of him who will make the name of Mali immortal
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