Sundown Bakery Case Study

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1) Analyse the likely causes of the resentment over the employee manual and uniforms by considering the impact of the sender, message, decoding, feedback, context, and probable sources of noise. Describe how the problems you identified could have been minimized by different communication strategies. According to the case study, Sundown Bakery has been experiencing turmoil between its management and employees. The major catalysts of the situation involved newly hired operations manager Has Mickelson's decision to impose new rules on matters such as the compulsory use of uniforms and the introduction of an employee manual. The true nature of the problem can be attributed to Mickelson's inability to consider and acclimate to needs of…show more content…
It also took away their ability to participate in the decision making process, making it frustratingly hard to give feedback back to the sender on the information provided. A better method of handling this situation would have been to hold face to face meetings with the employees in the presence of Bruce and Carol, instead of using memos. Through this method, employees are able to convey their agendas more freely and get a sense of familiarity with the owners present. Meetings are also an excellent source for igniting innovative thinking and reaching a better decision making process effectively. The collective participation of sharing ideas and issues gives the workers the sense of association to the organisation. Aspects that we have to emphasize in more detail are the source of noise and context behind the message was sent. As their business expanded, Sundown Bakery began to fill up with employees who have diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The different arrays of personalities have caused a changing of character and lack of interpersonal teamwork amongst the employees. This coupled with the clear psychological noise that the bakery suffers due to the change in managerial style, has caused barriers of communication to flourish. The perception aspect in which is the process of people receiving, organising, and interpreting information from the environment has been ignored by the

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