Sundquist's Involvement In The Scouting Program

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Camping has been one of the main events in the Scouting program ever since it was first made. Camping at a locally owned or troop owned camp has also been a big thing. Sadly, many of these camps are dying out due to budget and low income of scouts. Ferris State Bulldog and Eagle Scout Raymond Sundquist has a solution. Sunquist believes “If we were able to get more kids involved in the Scouting program, we wouldn’t have such a huge problem in not finding enough scouts to run the camps” (Sundquist). Sundquist also believes that one of the biggest problems of not having many young boys and teens in the scouting program is because there has been a mixed feelings in the community for scouting. He stands on the fact that many families think that…show more content…
Regardless on what the promotion is to get the nation to be more aware of the scouting community, it can take time for many to address the program or even just consider having there child join. The short term benefits of the plan can be raising the recruitment for scouts in local communities. After the BSA starts raising awareness of the what the scouting program is all about, it can get the attention of many parents who are looking for a good program for their child to be in. A long term benefit for this solution can be an increase in the number of scout attending scout camps. The more people who know about how scouting camps can be a learning and fun experience, the more number of boys will be joining scouts. One aspect that Sundquist's solution does not address, is the budget cuts many camps and organizations have been receiving. He does not propose a solution for the problem of camps losing money. Although, promoting scouting for the BSA will all be for a good cause, some people may not be all for it. There have been many families who look down upon scouting for they see other programs for young boys to be superior. They also may not appreciate the promotions due to other organizations that they are already loyal
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