Sunflower Incorporated Case Study Essay

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Case Study: Sunflower Incorporated
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Case Study: Sunflower Incorporated In preparation for Workshop 2 of the course MSBC-660 – Change Acceleration in Organizational Culture, we were asked as a group to complete a Project Team Assignment, using the case study method. As part of this exercise, we were to read the case study Sunflower Incorporated and then critically analyze the case using the guidelines provided. In our answers outlined in the paragraphs below, we have diagnosed the problem presented, interpreted the likely causes and made recommendations for how Sunflower Incorporated should have planned and executed change within its organization.
What is the issue or problem highlighted in the
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c) This company’s customers consist of retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

d) Salty snack foods and liquor are the products that are provided by this company.

e) Looking at where the story ended at, the company is currently in the stage of communicating the change vision. They are growing into the stage where they empower their employees for broad-based action.

f) Their key business processes and core competencies is how they distribute national as well as local brands and package some of their items under private labels. They cater their products by their customers taste. In the United States, there is more consumption of Canadian whisky and American bourbon. In the West, more light liquors are consumed. Also, snack foods in the Southwest are seasoned to cater to Mexican tastes.

g) In assessing the human resource capabilities it is evident that they are willing to do what it takes to move the company forward. This is shown by not putting up a fight against the President of the company when he made the decision to create a position and get someone hired in order to make moves to better the company.

h) The management and leadership styles at the company appear to be
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