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Sunglye Chae Prof. Scott Tenney ENG 102 – 1099 May 3, 2017 Introduction Ecotourism is one of fast growing sectors in tourism industry. It is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people.” by the International Tourism Society (TIES). Tourists choose the ecotourism package or accommodations because they want to minimize bad effects and give benefits back to the communities. However, a word of ecotourism do not qualify that has same sustainable levels of tourism products. Few governments and interest groups of tourism are using the word ‘ecotourism’ to advertise their destination. Unprotected locals and wildlife animals can be damaged under the name of ecotourism.…show more content…
Lodges and resorts are one of most important sector in ecotourism industry. Most of popular venues of ecotour are related with natural environment including mountain, ocean, National park, and undeveloped dwelling. These natural environment should not possess by private interest group. Especially tour programs related with National Parks and World Heritage Sites are need to run and evaluated by impartiality organization such as World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Additionally, Eco rating system is a great criterion in sustainable accommodations which are giving benefits to local communities, using natural sources, and making energy conservation. The Eco-rating System will be a guidelines for both of lodging operators and customers. Operators can design and keep their properties to be more sustainable and eco-friendly as following criteria of Eco-rating System. Ecotourism consumers can choose more reasonable accommodations as checking Eco-rate. The rates leads rational consumption between sustainable levels of lodging and prices. This rating system is helping consumers to prevent deceiving from companies which are using ecotourism only as a marketing tools. Greenwasing that defines as “co-creation with regard to presenting a misleading green masage” (Seele, 2017) is a major problem in true ecotourism industry. It refers as a business that presents itself as

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