Sunil Mittal: The Evolution of the Celular Phone in India Essay example

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“I think that people just have this core desire to express who they are...”

Sunil Mittal.
Excellence is vital for acquiring success. Excellence is what makes success run after you, but when you want success, run after excellence.
Very few individuals are there in this globe who made success run after them. Energy, determination and that magical willpower to do something invincible marks the journey of great man through the untraded dark roads to the brightest morning ever. Every successful man has that unique cognizant power to realize all the possible opportunities one have around them.
Sunil Mittal, the man behind the telecoms boom in India. The strong resoluteness and the will to do something drove Sunil’s dream to height like this, where no can easily beat him down. Dreams aren’t possibly those which you see with eyes closed in that imaginative world where wind seems to flow and the moon walks but rather the dreams are those which you see with your eyes wide open, it won’t make you sleep.
Sunil Mittal is often credited as India’s poster boy for entrepreneurship as he has created a phenomenal juggernaut of a company in Bharti Airtel.

Sunil Mittal, India’s poster boy is a big philanthropist. In fact, his name comes across world’s top 25 philanthropists. His vision lies in imparting education to the needy.
This is a bitter truth that apart from being the…