Sunni Extremist Tactics and Targets

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Risk Reduction The assignment being completed within this paper asks the author to answer three general questions. The first asks the author of this paper to create a hypothetical scenario for a terrorist attacked using the Sunni terrorist group picked in Module 1 as the test subject. The second question asks the steps to be taken by both the terrorists to hatch and execute the plan and the mitigating procedures that can be used to negate these measures. Finally, it is asked whether there is any early warning or detection possible for this incident. Sunni Extremist Tactics & Targets Two things should be explained up front before going any further. First, Sunni extremists are mostly relegated to areas like Iraq and the surrounding countries. Iraq is probably the best area to look at since they were the ruling party when Saddam Hussein was power for all of his years and they are not mostly on the outside looking in now that elections have made the population-wise dominant Shia much more prominent in the national political scene. Many Sunnis are not terrorists and have responded constructively while the Sunni terrorist groups have responded with violence. The tactic that Sunni extremists are going to use is a general disruption of normal daily life and governmental processes since they are aggrieved about losing power when Saddam was forcibly removed and hunted down. The targets to enforce this tactic would generally be high-value targets to disrupt the piece such as

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